Willard Drug Treatment Campus (Willard DTC) is a secure facility for males and females 18 years of age or older. Individuals sentenced to class C, D and E drug felonies and certain class D and W non-drug felonies mus  be second felony offenders. First felony offenders may be sentenced to parole supervision for certain class B drug felonies.

Shock is a six-month program similar to a military boot camp regimen. It incorporates intensive substance abuse treatment and academic education within a therapeutic community setting. DOCCS' Shock Incarceration program for young adults provides a therapeutic environment where young non-violent offenders receive substance abuse treatment, academic education, and other help to promote their reintegration into the community.


DOCCS maintains comprehensive directives detailing proper management and operation of its many functions, which also provide general information/guidance to assist regulated parties in complying with statutes, rules, and other legal requirements.