Facility Special Event Programs include facility family day picnics, as well as religious, ethnic, cultural and holiday celebrations and community volunteer presentations and entertainment programs.

Facility special events are scheduled throughout the year. An Annual Facility Special Event Calendar is distributed in a manner that ensures all incarcerated individuals are informed and have access to a copy. Family Day Picnic dates are established by each facility provided adequate interest by the incarcerated population exists.

The goal of the program is to strengthen community and family ties and to recognize individual and group achievements.

Family Day Picnics are family participation events and the incarcerated population must invite guests in order to attend. If invited guests do not attend, the incarcerated individual may not participate. Invited guests will only be allowed to participate when they have visited the incarcerated individual in a DOCCS facility at least twice during their current incarceration and are authorized for contact visits with that individual. An exception may be made for an incarcerated individual's legal child that is under the age of 18 and who has not previously visited, provided that child is accompanied by an adult visitor who has met the visiting requirement.

Specific special events may require participation in a particular program and approval of the program staff advisor.

Offered at all facilities.