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Secure Messaging Program

Secure Messaging is getting an upgrade.

Read more about the new operating system, Unity, here. More information about the Secure Messaging program can be found below.

The Secure Messaging Program, which allows communication between incarcerated individuals and their families and friends, is available in all 44 correctional facilities.

The Secure Messaging Program allows family and friends with a JPay account to receive messages and e-cards from and to send messages, photos, and VideoGrams to incarcerated individuals.

Messages of up to 6,000 characters are transmitted utilizing a JPay “stamp”. Each message requires a stamp, and attachments and VideoGrams also require stamps.

Stamps range in price from 15 cents to as low as 12 cents, depending upon the bundle purchased as indicated below. To create an account, visit JPay or call JPay Customer Support at 800-574-JPAY (5729).

Incarcerated individuals receive eight (8) free stamps per month. Replenishment occurs on the 1st of each month, subject to usage (free stamps do not accumulate).

All secure messages are subject to content screening. You can learn more about DOCCS policies regarding secure messages by reading Directive 4425.


Email Services (prices below are for incoming and outgoing email)

ItemExtended PriceCommission
Single Stamp*** (per email)$0.15None
10 Stamp Bundle$1.50None
30 Stamp Bundle$4.20None
60 Stamp Bundle$7.80None
100 Stamp Bundle$12.00None
ItemExtended PriceCommission
Attachment (Picture)1 StampNone
Attachment (Picture / Card)2 StampsNone
VideoGrams3 StampsNone

***Only available to incarcerated individuals

NOTE: New York State or DOCCS does not receive any commission on the purchase of stamps from JPay.