Organized recreational activities include intramural team sports, competitive athletic contests with local community volunteer teams, physical fitness programs, table and board games, and scheduled movie presentations. Activities are scheduled and coordinated by a facility Recreation Program Leader. Programs are available throughout the year. Information should be obtained from the Special Subjects Supervisor or Recreation Program Leader 2.

The goals of the program are:

  • To promote the positive use of leisure time which encourages achievement, reduces stress, and assists in the transitional process.
  • To offer a variety of recreation options during non-programmed hours that meet the needs and preferences of the incarcerated population and complement the facility routines of work, education, and treatment programs.
  • To offer a selection of recreation activities that will encourage acceptable and productive behavior in the facility and upon return to the community.
  • To encourage the team approach as a model for progress that can be transferred to other areas of school, work, and civic organizations.
  • To build confidence and self worth as a necessary ingredient to personal development and success.

The majority of programs are open to everyone and waiting lists are maintained. Programs such as boxing, football, and some exercise groups require prior approval of the medical staff. A physical may be required.

Job titles include Gymnasium Porters, Recreation Aides, Sports Officials.

This program is available at all facilities.