Re-Entry Services

Re-entry Services

Services for Parolees

To facilitate a smooth transition for individuals returning home from prison, the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision's (DOCCS) Re-Entry Operations (REO) Unit works with DOCCS correctional facility and community supervision field staff. REO also assists parole officers in providing certain returning citizens who have special needs with resource referrals for housing and specialized services, medical services and mental health treatment.

DOCCS Re-Entry Services works with the New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services' County Re-Entry Task Force offices to assist incarcerated individuals returning home with resource referrals for housing, substance abuse prevention services, anger management, domestic violence and mental health counseling, medical services, mentoring, employment, and a host of other services.

Opportunities for Community Based Partnerships

Additionally, REO partners with other state agencies, county governments, and community-based organizations to develop these referral sources for individuals returning home in need of these services.

To assist in stabilizing individuals who require additional guidance and support, REO works with community based organizations to develop and implement programs and services through Community Based Residential Programs (CBRP). It also awards and manages grant funds through Request for Applications to providers to help formerly incarcerated individuals successfully reintegrate back into society. 

Re-Entry Services Offices
Services for Eligible Releasees with Special Needs
Find a DOCCS Re-Entry Services office that provides eligible individuals with special needs resource referrals, including those provided by DCJS County Re-entry Task Forces, such as obtaining driver's licenses and non-driver IDs, social security benefits, Medicaid, medical and mental health services, and other important services.
Reentry Community Based Residential Programs & New York State Partnerships
For Organizations Interested in Providing Community Based Residential Programs
Community Based Residential Programs

DOCCS invites community based organizations interested in providing community based residential programs to apply for a grant.

New York State Partnerships

Learn more about the New York State partnerships DOCCS has to provide services to individuals under community supervision.

Request for Applications
For Community Based Organizations Interested in Developing and Operating CBRPs
Learn more about grant funds available to develop and operate Community Based Residential Programs for individuals under community supervision.