Following a generous donation from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, DOCCS and ITS  collaborated to provide a Re-Entry Computer Lab to the population at Queensboro Correctional Facility. The first of its kind in the Department, the computer lab provides individuals with the ability to access approved, secure websites in order to help prepare for their return to the community. Use of the computer lab has been incorporated into the re-entry programming offered to the population, and participants in the Work Release program are also given the opportunity to utilize the lab.

The lab is comprised of ten computers. Presently, four websites have been approved for conducting re-entry preparation:

NYS Department of Labor: Individuals will be able to search for work opportunities in real time, as well as learn about career development.

NYC Human Resources Administration (HRA): Aids returning New York City residents with nutrition, financial support, housing, work and other resources.  

City University Of New York: Allows individuals with an opportunity to prepare for continuing education. Re-entry participants have access for the purpose of researching academic programming, admission requirements, and financial assistance.

Queens Library: Individuals can also access this resource, which has historically been helpful in providing a wide variety of services to the population at Queensboro C.F.

In addition to conducting research in a secured manner, ten stand-alone computers are used for composing professional resumes and cover letters. Individuals save their resumes and sample cover letters to a flash drive which can be utilized for job searches following their return home.