The Women’s Initiative seeks to assist incarcerated women with their unique needs regarding rehabilitation and re-entry into their communities. Workshops include “Who am I," “Self-esteem & Self-worth,” “Boundaries & Relationships," and “Grief & Forgiveness”.  

The focus of these workshops is to discover where one comes from and look at how the physical environment, socio-cultural influences and spirituality help define them as a person. The program seeks to help participants understand how their thoughts influence how they see themselves and, in turn, how that affects the decisions they make.

The program also helps them define boundaries and why they are important in their personal, family, and professional life. Healthy relationships versus abusive, controlling relationships are examined along with each person’s personal rights. It gives the women the opportunity to identify their losses and define forgiveness as a choice that allows them to move forward in life unburdened by guilt and shame.

This program is voluntary and participants focus on looking at their lives and starting to make needed changes to improve their situation and their family’s.

This gender specific program is currently offered at Albion, Bedford Hills and Taconic