The Senior Living Program (SLP) is a unique and innovative program designed to meet the needs of older male incarcerated population. The SLP participants reside in one housing unit to facilitate the community setting. A computer lab, classrooms, meeting rooms, recreation/exercise rooms, and staff offices have all been designed and built in the same unit. SLP residents participate in programs together to develop cohesive, pro-social skills to prepare them well for community reentry.

To be eligible, all candidates must:

  • be 55 years of age or older
  • be within two to six years of their earliest release date,
  • be eligible for transfer to Ulster Correctional Facility
  • not have any current refusals of required programs,
  • not have Tier 3 disciplinary infractions within the past 12 months,
  • have completed SOCTP when a sex offender counseling need has been established

The SLP is a minimum of two years long and candidates must agree to actively participate in all required aspects of the program. The SLP strives to facilitate a safe and stable environment in which positive peer interaction and group processes will prepare incarcerated individuals for successful re-entry into society.  

The SLP at Ulster includes age-appropriate wellness, academic, vocational, and re-entry programs that are delivered within a Therapeutic Community setting and designed to assist senior incarcerated individuals with their preparations to re-enter society. Harvest Now, a program where vegetables are grown and donated to local food pantries to aid families in need, is one of the programs in place that enables participants to give back to society. Participants from the Vocational Horticulture program participate in the Harvest Now program.  

Senior Living Program Video

DOCCS staff discuss the educational, recreational, therapeutic and transitional services available in the Senior Living Program at Ulster Correctional Facility. Incarcerated individuals participating in the program discuss the impact it has had on them. 

Senior Living Program Documents

The Senior Living Program (SLP) is designed to provide incarcerated individuals with a unique and specialized program focused on the interests and needs of aging adults. This program will assist individuals to successfully reintegrate into the community.


    Senior Living Program Brochure

    SLP participants will experience programs that enrich their life experience and benefit the community. Programs include social and recreational opportunities, as well as structured programs. DOCCS rules of eligibility apply to each individual program.