Women in prison cafeteria

Living Safely & Without Violence

Living Safely & Without Violence


Living Safely and Without Violence is an intervention designed for females involved in the criminal justice system who have specifically been charged with violence crimes and/or who have a history of aggressive behavior, including self-hard or violence towards others.

Emphasis is placed on exploring how and why individuals use violence and how they can live safely without it. Participants are introduced to an integrated and multi-sensory approach, which focuses on emotional regulation, interpersonal competencies, and mindfulness practices.

The program's goals are to assist these women in learning to respond in a healthy, non-violent manner to adverse life events by examining the relationship between emotions and violence, building self-change along with developing maintenance strategies and utilizing adaptive strategies and social resources to life safely and without violence.

To be eligible for this program, participants must have been assessed with an aggression need and they must have successfully completed the Moving On program prior to placement in this program.

Offered at Albion, Bedford Hills and Taconic.