Students in this program learn techniques of paint application to both interior and exterior surfaces. Skills taught relate to preparation of the surface, and application of stains, clear finishes and pigmented paint. Students learn techniques of wallpapering, and wood refinishing. Instruction is given in safety procedures in handling paints, ladders and scaffolding.

The goal of this course is to provide students with entry level skills as a painter or painter's helper. It offers self-paced individualized instruction to develop student competencies in entry level skills as defined by modules.

A New York State Department of Labor Apprenticeship Program and NCCER Painting Certification Training Program are available.

Job titles include:

  • Dry-Wall Taper
  • Interior Finish Painter
  • Inventory Clerk
  • Maintenance Painter
  • Painter
  • Painter's Helper
  • Paperhanger
  • Rough Painter
  • Stainer (Wood)
  • Tool / Storage Attendant

There are no admission requirements. Working conditions involve working from ladders and scaffolds.