Community Supervision & Re-Entry Services Offices

Find the Community Supervision office you should report to once you are paroled, or any of our Community Supervision offices located statewide. 

You can also find the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS) Re-Entry Services offices, which provides eligible individuals with special needs returning home from prison with resource referrals for housing, mental health and medical treatment and services, and more.

And you can locate New York State Department of Criminal Justice County Re-Entry Task Force offices. DOCCS Re-Entry Services works closely with County Task Forces to ensure that individuals returning home from DOCCS have the help they need to obtain driver's licenses and non-driver IDs, social security benefits, Medicaid, HIV/AIDS and HEP C services, mental health treatment and support services, clothing, bus passes, and academic and vocational education, and much more.