Narcotics Investigations Division

The Narcotics Investigations Division (NID) investigates and interdicts contraband drugs brought into correctional facilities by incarcerated individuals, visitors, or staff, and investigates any drug-related criminal activity associated with the Department. Contraband drugs found in correctional facilities are handled by NID. This division also collaborates with other law enforcement agencies on drug investigations, including assigning NID investigators to the FBI Safe Streets Task Forces and DEA task forces, among others. NID includes OSI’s Canine Unit, which is responsible for deterring, detecting, and interdicting narcotic smuggling; tracking individuals; and otherwise enhance the safety of all employees, incarcerated individuals, parolees, volunteers, visitors, and others within DOCCS’ system. The OSI Canine Unit is charged with narcotics’ searches, sniffing vehicles in DOCCS’ parking lots, sniffing people, patrolling entry points or other areas of Departmental buildings, sniffing packages, searching for people, and other responsibilities as directed by the Deputy Commissioner/Chief of Investigations, the Commissioner, or designee.