Visitor Suspensions

Visitor sanctions apply at all DOCCS correctional facilities and for all incarcerated individuals receiving visits. If a visit is terminated, visiting privileges may be suspended for up to one week until the Superintendent makes a decision reinstating, limiting, suspending, or indefinitely suspending the visitor’s visiting privileges.

Many categories of serious visitor misconduct now include imposing an "Indefinite Suspension" of visiting privileges as the maximum penalty. An indefinite suspension of visiting privileges has no predetermined end date but, instead, the visitor may request that the Superintendent of the facility housing the incarcerated individual to be visited review the matter on an annual basis for possible restoration of visiting privileges.

Incarcerated Individual Suspensions

Incarcerated individuals found guilty of misconduct before, during, or after the visitation process, may have their visiting privileges suspended. Certain types of misconduct, such as smuggling contraband, or sexual misconduct when other visitors are in the area, can result in a loss of visits with all visitors.

Incarcerated individuals found guilty of drug related charges under any circumstances can lose visiting privileges with all visitors for six months for a first offense or one year for a second or subsequent offenses.