Ministerial Services are provided through religious programs and practices that are delivered at each facility by Department Chaplains and approved religious volunteers.

Religious programs include various worship services, religious education classes and study groups, and a variety of special event programs, such as family day ceremonies.

Department Chaplains are also expected to provide pastoral care to individuals of all faith groups at each facility. The Department also offers Religious programs via WebEx to enhance availability of religious services.

The goal of the program is to extend to committed offenders as much spiritual assistance as possible, as well as provide opportunities for practicing their chosen faith in recognition of the First Amendment right of freedom of religion.

Participation in religious programs is voluntary. Individuals may regularly attend only the religious programs of their designated religion. However, those who desire to learn about the religious practices of another faith may do so by attending up to three services or study sessions per year after consultation with the Chaplain or Staff Advisor of that faith group, or the Coordinating Chaplain.

Ministerial Services are available at all facilities.