Internal Affairs Division

The Internal Affairs Division (IAD) investigates a wide range of allegations of employee and incarcerated individual violations of the Department’s Rules, Regulations, Directives and Policies, as well as Criminal Law violations. More specifically, IAD conducts investigations into staff misconduct, incarcerated individual/parolee misconduct, unattended deaths and suicides in facilities, escape plots, and any other alleged misconduct having a nexus to DOCCS that is not covered by another OSI Division. IAD includes OSI’s task force officer serving on the FBI - NYS DOCCS Civil Rights Task Force, which is the first in the nation federal civil rights task force focused on prison and parole. In addition, IAD staff (along with other OSI personnel) monitor facility lockdowns, and conduct inspections of DOCCS facilities/offices, as well as respond to major disturbances, serious assaults, homicides, and other major instances in correctional facilities and community supervision offices that warrant an investigation.