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Incarcerated Program Associate


An Incarcerated Program Associate (IPA) is an incarcerated individual who has completed the standardized IPA Training and been placed in the IPA title. IPA positions are, by definition, paid assignments where carefully screened and trained incarcerated individuals assist Transitional Services, Education, and Vocational staff in providing approved programs under staff supervision. The IPA position is not a clerical or a technical position.

The program goals are to:

  • Increase knowledge, awareness and social skills of incarcerated individuals trained as IPAs.
  • Teach them the basic knowledge of adult learning theory.
  • Have them demonstrate the application of the adult learning theory in the preparation, delivery, and evaluation of lesson plans.
  • Provide staff in Transitional Services, Academic, and Vocational with incarcerated assistants and to provide positive incarcerated role models.

Staff directly provides 45 hours of training in accordance with the IPA training curriculum.

IPAs must not be refusing any required program(s) and must also meet or exceed the following criteria:

  • Education: HSE or higher academic.
  • Disciplinary: No Tier II convictions within the previous 6 months and no Tier III convictions within the previous 12 months.
  • Signed Commitment: Upon initial IPA assignment or reassignment, participants must agree in writing to the terms specified in the IPA Standards form.
  • Assessment: Staff evaluates performance during the program with regard to each participant's willingness, attitude, and demonstrated ability.

The Program is operated in all general confinement facilities.