Incarcerated Organizations are collective groups of incarcerated individuals who are approved by the Deputy Commissioner for Program Services through a formal application process. The Department encourages constructive interaction between the incarcerated population and the community. Approved Incarcerated Organization activities are designed to closely meet similar community organization requirements and include:

  • Organization General Membership meetings
  • An organization executive board of incarcerated individuals elected by the organization membership
  • An organization Constitution and By-Laws approved by the organization membership
  • Organization guidance provided by registered community volunteers from similar community organizations
  • Special organizational programs, including cultural and other educational classes for organization members
  • Fundraising projects to provide funding of organizational activities, facility activities, and donations to community non-profit organizations or disaster relief

The goals of Incarcerated Organizations are designed to encourage participation in community organizations upon reentry to society through:

  • Improving the attitudes and social development of each participant
  • Stimulating growth in understanding and the responsibility of participation in community organizations upon reentry to society
  • Promoting constructive use of leisure time
  • Providing additional educational and social experiences for participants

Qualifications for membership are set forth in the proposal for the formation of the organization. Membership cannot be denied on the basis of race, religion, creed, offense, disability, nationality, or sexual orientation.

Available at all facilities.