The Compadre Helper Program is a peer counseling course designed to provide incarcerated individuals with the opportunity to acquire skills necessary to help their peers and themselves cope with the psychological aspect of personal development based on Maslow’s self-actualizing philosophy. This program is offered in English and Spanish.

Program goals include:

  • assisting participants in adjusting to the environment by supporting them in the process of self-inventory.
  • teaching participants four basic helping skill clusters, including Attending Skills Cluster, Adding Skills Cluster, Confronting Skills Cluster, and Problem Solving Skills Cluster.

The length of the Basic Program runs 40 hours; Train the Trainer runs 100 hours.

The Basic Program is open to anyone interested. The Train the Trainer is open to those with either a high school diploma or who meet requirements for an Incarcerated Program Assistant. All Incarcerated Program Assistants need a high school diploma or equivalency.

Individuals in the program are expected to attend classes on a regular basis. Participation is based on quantity and quality of interaction. Demonstration of skills clusters include tests and role-play.

This program is offered at: