Community Supervision

Assists formerly incarcerated individuals with transitioning to the community, monitoring compliance, and ensuring the safety of crime victims and the general public.
Parole Recruits in front of DOCCS' Training Academy
Assists formerly incarcerated individuals transition to the community while promoting public safety.

The Department's Community Supervision unit assists formerly incarcerated individuals with transitioning to community supervision, monitoring compliance with the conditions of release, and ensuring the safety of crime victims and the general public. 

Community Supervision, through its Executive Clemency Bureau, also works with Individuals applying for pardons, communication of sentences, and applications for Certificate of Relief from Disability and Certificates of Good Conduct.

Re-entry Services & Executive Clemency Unit
Assistance Available
Learn more about the services available to eligible individuals with special needs returning home from prison and those applying for clemency.
Important Information for People Returning Home
Offices & Handbook
Community Supervision Offices

Find an area Community Supervision office.

Community Supervision Handbook

This Handbook will address your parole release and community supervision questions.

File A Grievance
Learn more about how to file a grievance if you have a concern while on parole.