Cleaning and Personal Care Products Manufacturing

Cleaning and Personal Care Products Manufacturing


The set-up of equipment, operation of automatic equipment, and the understanding of chemical composition of soap products are taught in this industrial program.

Participants are expected to learn the techniques used in testing products, interpreting the use of manuals, and the loading and packing of products involved in soap production. They are provided an opportunity to acquire job skills and acceptable work habits by participating in a production oriented environment, operating equipment, and meeting production schedules and quality standards.

Efficiency and quality are stressed in all shops. 

Job titles include:

  • Crutcher Operator
  • Plodder Operator
  • Roll Machine Attendant
  • Soap Batch Mixer
  • Soap Frame Stripper
  • Soap Maker
  • Soap Presser Operator
  • Wax Mixer Operator

A high school diploma or HSE is required to participate in this program.

Offered at Great Meadow.