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Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment (ASAT)

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment (ASAT)


Intensive, structured substance abuse treatment employing elements of the Therapeutic Community model.

General population participants progress through the early stages of recovery with the potential for continued treatment upon release. Prescribed services are for a minimum of six months and maximum of 12 months provided 12 hours of direct service hours are received each week and treatment planning supports such completion.

ASAT is also available on specialized units to minimally include the:

  • Special Need Units (SNU)
  • Assessment and Program Preparation Unit (APPU)
  • Regional Medical Units (RMU)
  • Special Housing Units (SHU)

Additionally, ASAT complements specialized programs to minimally include Transitional Intensive Care Programs (Tr-ICP), Sex Offender Counseling & Treatment Program (SOCTP), and Mid-State Residential Veteran Program.

Offered at most facilities.