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Advanced Aggression/Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Advanced Aggression/Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


The Advanced Aggression/Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program pilot was initiated in the Summer of 2020 at Attica, Clinton, and Franklin Correctional Facilities. On April 1, 2021, facilitator training was successfully expanded to Fishkill, Five Points and Mohawk Correctional Facilities, which provides opportunities for both maximum and medium classified individuals.

The program is designed to provide an introspective look at participants' past violent behavior, identify the root cause of what has influenced the behavior, self-examine the consequences and develop individualized change plans for avoiding a return to violence. Topics include conflict resolution, family dynamics, domestic violence, trauma, healthy relationships, communication and more. Participants engage in thoughtful discussion regarding their experiences and identification of issues that they wish to improve upon. Individuals learn a variety of new skills and techniques with the goal to make meaningful behavioral change and avoid return to violence.

The Advanced Aggression/Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program is unique in that participants are selected based upon their criminogenic need and, soon-to-be implemented, Superintendent referral. Thus far, participants and staff facilitators have provided positive feedback regarding the unique approach that Advanced Aggression employs for teaching this critical subject matter.