The incarcerated population are not permitted to physically possess money while they are incarcerated, including paper money and coins. In order to allow incarcerated individuals to buy things they need or want, their money is held in their incarcerated individual account.

Jobs, assignments and gifts from family and friends are the usual sources for these funds. Individuals can use the money in their account to buy items from the commissary or to send money home.

Court surcharges, fees, or other encumbrances that are unpaid will be applied from monies coming in from the outside. Other than the incarcerated individual's incentive wage, funds may not be available for commissary and other items until these obligations are satisfied.

Incarcerated individuals receive a monthly print-out of account balances.

Questions regarding the incarcerated individual's account should be directed to the incarcerated individual who has access to that information in the facility. Facilities staff will not give information over the phone concerning the status of incarcerated individual accounts.

Visit Day Fund Deposits

Visitors can leave cash, money orders and checks in the conventional visitor deposit lockbox located at each DOCCS facility. Money orders and checks require the use of a facility-provided JPay deposit slip, and will be sent by DOCCS directly to JPay for processing. Cash deposits are processed by DOCCS facility staff.  Please note the maximum amount you can leave for a money order/check is $999.99. 

There are no fees for depositing funds through the conventional visitor deposit lockbox located at each DOCCS facility, or by money order or check mailed to the JPay Lockbox address.  


There are fees associated with depositing money by telephone, online, mobile app and MoneyGram.  Please see the fee schedule below:

Amount Online/Phone Commission
$2 - $9.99 $1.75 None
$10 - $19.99 $2.75 None
$20 - $49.99 $3.75 None
$50 - $300 $4.75 None


Item Cash Credit Commission
MoneyGram: $0.01 - $2,999.99* $4 N/A None
Mail to JPay/Check/Money Order: $999.99 No Fee N/A None

The maximum MoneyGram transaction amount is subject to current MoneyGram regulations.

Other Deposit Options

In addition to the conventional visit day deposit outlined above, DOCCS has contracted with JPay, a national correctional services provider, to offer five additional ways for family and friends to deposit funds:

Mail In

With a check or money order utilizing a JPay deposit slip mailed to the JPay Lockbox:

PO Box 531190
Miami, Florida 33153



Log In

Log into JPay to deposit money using your credit or debit card.





Mobile App

Make deposits anytime, anywhere by downloading the free app.




Via Phone

Make deposits using a credit card by calling 1-800-574-5729.



Make deposits using cash at MoneyGram locations using Receive Code 1317.