The Academic Outreach (Cell Study) Program provides instruction, tutoring services, and materials to incarcerated individuals at all levels from literacy through college studies.

The program is provided to incarcerated individuals who are not enrolled in a formal education program due to the inability to function in a regular classroom or facility needs/security reasons or who are in "limited access" areas of the facility, such as the hospital, special housing unit, regional medical unit, regional mental health unit, or protective custody.

The objectives are the same as those for the regular, formal education programs and may include literacy, high school equivalency diploma, English fluency, or college correspondence courses. All instruction is based on individual needs and the curricula are appropriate to each participant's level and program in one or more academic content area.

Participation is limited to those who do not have access to the regular academic program.

The assessment processes used may be the same as those used by a comparable education program. In addition, college proficiency examinations may be utilized for college credit.

Academic outreach is offered in any facility or area of a facility where the individual's education needs cannot be met through regular classroom placement.